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My first public LJ entry - Thought of a Wannabe Fangbanger — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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My first public LJ entry [Oct. 17th, 2010|03:20 pm]
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Just testing something out. Basically this is the first public journal post I have made in YEARS....seriously YEARS!!! What happened to make me more private was that I got into writing a lot of fan fic and I had a lot of blogs...now there was someone stalking me on another blog bashng my work and then when I challenged her, she got me removed from the blogging site in question and yet she had pronographic pictures on HER blog in PUBLIC posts.

After that, I decided to go friends only because I was using internet blogging all the time at the time and I was worried you'd be seeing what I was writing. However, now I blog on Facebook because that is where most of my blog friends are now. I am seriously tempted to get rid of my Facebook blog and just blog on here and have it transferred to Facebook and Twitter. It's just a shame Insane Journal is too far behind for that.

However, I was logging in here earlier and I thought I'd login in with my Facebook and now I have got three Live Journal accounts....well now 4:

1) This one
2) my Fan fiction journal (which will not be updated because I stopped writign fan fic years ago)
3) one I created when I tried to log in with my FB account
4) one I created when I tried to log in with my Twitter account

Sadly there are problems with using LJ on my FB. A few weeks ago, I discevered something on FB blogging. This occurred when I was havign an issue with a co-worker (not the wanker but someone else which situation has since been resolved). I found that I can block Facebook friends from reading my blog so that some cannot access and yet the rest that I do not unblock can which means I have sheer freedom to say what I like. However, despite that, I have a rule in my blogs. If anyone sees my blogs, if I have an issue with someone, I never EVER mention names. I never name co-workers I have an issue with (at the time) and yet I will name those who I am on good/decent/acquaintance terms with. I do not even name names on my Insane or Live Journal posts even though no-one from my work is on my LJ or IJ friends list.

If I do have a public LJ purely for my Facebook, I cannot block anyone from my work from seeing it and I have to really watch what I say. Luckily though, the one person who I have an issue with at the moment is not on my Facebook friends list and I would never add him because his antics...well he pushed the button too many times and there is no redo button now.

In the meantime, I am doing one post on my main blog here to see how it comes out on my FB profile and Twitter and then I'll do one on the one that I created with my FB :-)

I hope to blog later on....got shitloads to say :-)

Blessed Be!